Program Overview

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Whether you are attending a program nearby or on the other side of the world, there are certain things common to all Envision EMI programs:

  • New Friends – While participants come from all corners of the world, you’ll feel right at home with your high achieving peers.
  • Real World Challenges – Your Envision experience will take you out of the classroom and let you experience what your future could be.
  • Lasting Lessons – Whether it’s speaking to a group, leading a team or finding a new strength, you’ll return home with new skills and abilities.
  • Life Long Advantages – Of course, the most lasting aspects of any Envision program are the leadership skills, friends and experiences that you will be able to call on in school, college and job applications and forever.

Now, all you have to do is choose which program best matches your age and interests and then follow the link to learn more and enroll for the experience of a lifetime.

Elementary School Student Programs

National Young Scholars Program

Join other high-achieving 3rd thru 5th graders as they build a bridge, solve a crime or slip into surgical scrubs during involving exercises that teach real skills, highlight leadership traits and give you an introduction to a whole range of exciting professions.
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Middle & Junior High School Student Programs

Junior National Young Leaders Conference

In the company of other mature, high-achieving middle school students, participants visit Washington D.C. and through site visits, simulations, discussions and briefings, experience both the history of our nation and the skills they will need for a life of leadership.
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National Young Leaders State Conference

Experience an intense four days of exercises and activities, group projects and discussions that will introduce and hone your eight core leadership power tools.
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High School Student Programs

National Young Leaders Conference

Discuss current events and issues with top policy makers in Washington, D.C., take part in dynamic real-world simulations and lead peers through role-playing exercises in an energy-charged environment far from your traditional classroom experience.
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Global Young Leaders Conference

Join your peers as they exchange ideas with some of the world's top business leaders, policy officials, journalists, diplomats and academics in the dynamic environments of Washington, D.C. and New York City; or Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.
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National Youth Leadership Forum on Collegiate Success

Go to college before you go to college and while experiencing dorm and dining hall life, engage in extensive workshops focused on helping you find the right college as well as learn essential skills and techniques to get the most out of your college experience.
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National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and CSI

Come to Washington D.C. and amidst our nation’s highest courts and top law enforcement agencies, play roles in mock trials, immerse yourself in CSI techniques and join panel discussions with industry experts on the career that could await you.
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National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

Enter the real world of modern medicine by joining doctors on their rounds, observing surgeries, joining discussions on disease research and experiencing both the day to day realities and life skills essential to a successful career in health care today.
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National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security

Experience the reality of the national security field in the nation’s capital as you take part in security simulations, behind the scene site visits and discussions on the future of national security with today’s national security leaders.
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College Student Programs

International Scholar Laureate Program

Discover the people, places and global perspectives at the forefront of careers in Business, Diplomacy & International Relations, Engineering, Medicine and Nursing in China, Australia or the United States of America.
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